Quality Guaranteed

We believe in quality, not quantity. We are always on the hunt to find the best growers, extractors and product makers out there.

Research Testing

At Herbal Medix, we have been using medical and recreational marijuana for years, and we try all of our products before they hit our menu to ensure that we provide accurate information on our products.

Medical Marijuana

Helps depression, relieves pain and relaxes the body.


happy patients

Cannabinoids are
recommended by doctors
to their patients.

Discreet Packaging

Purchase medical cannabis online from Herbal Medix and before we ship the product out we ensure to have discrete packaging. Your package will be sent with care to ensure its contents remain undetectable until unwrapped by you.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in customer satisfaction. From the order process to the post-sale. We want our customers to have the best experience and appreciate feedback and input at every level.

Money back guarantee

Worried about the quality of the product? We offer a money back guarantee with all our products.


An expertly curated menu of the finest Indicas, Sativas, and derivative products from quality producers out of British Columbia .

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