Sales Agreement

Organic Feather INC specializes in herbal remedies and consultations. All products are sold online using our secure website. This document must be signed in order to process credit card transactions. In order to avoid chargebacks due to fraud, shipping issues, and identity theft. We require a copy of your license, as well as your signature to confirm that the person purchasing our products is indeed authorized to make said purchase. We value your security, and it is our main priority to keep your data secure.


  1. Description of Services

You have purchased herbal remedies/consultation from Organic Feather INC (“us”, “our” and/or “we”) and the signing of this document states that you have received your products/services and you are content with the delivery of said products/services.

  1. Fees

You are aware of the total price of your purchase, and you have confirmed the products pricing before placing your order. If a mistake is made, you will have a chance to contact us and resolve any issues.

  1. Agreements
  • You agree that you were charged at the time of shipping
  • You agree that you were not charged for a cancelled service
  • You agree that all items on the transaction are part of the original transaction
  • You agree that the terms of the sale have been accurately represented



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