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Insomnia affects at least 1 in 3 people and doctors know very little about this chronic sleeping illness. But what we do know is that there are strains of marijuana out there that is specifically designed to help you sleep better at night. Think these strains as your sleepy time nightcap. There are over 60 million Americans that suffer from sleeping disorders so don’t think you are the only one and there are remedies that really help you with this. The one remedy that is most commonly used is Indica cannabis.

Indica vs Sativa

The Indica cannabis strain is the most commonly used strain for sleep. Indica plants are smaller and bushier than Sativa plants but they definitely grow faster and yield higher Sativa. The reasons why Indica plants are used more for medicinal purposes like insomnia and sleep disorders is because they have a higher CBD and lower THC count than Sativa.

The Benefits of Indica Strains

  • increases mental relaxation
  • increases your muscle relations
  • decreases nausea pains
  • decreases your acute pains
  • increases your appetite if you’re looking to eat more for your diet
  • increases the dopamine produces by your brain
  • helps you sleep better at night

Top 10 Strains for Sleep

  1. HarlequinAlthough this strain is 75% Sativa and we did say that Indica is the best strain for sleep. The reasons why the Harlequin is good for insomnia is because it has a high ratio of CBD to THC content of 5:2. This is a well-known strain for acute pain, stress, anxiety and also depression.
  2. Cookie Jar

    This hybrid strain is made up of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Fire Alien OG. Cookie Jar is well known for radiating full body relaxation effects that will put you right to sleep.

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  3. Girl Scout Cookies

    This Indican strain is 20% THC and 2% CBD. Since this strain is really potent this can help “knock one out” for sleep purposes.
  4. White WidowWhite Widow is a hybrid cannabis strain that gives off relaxing and psychoactive effects. We advise you to take a little of this stuff at a time because as you smoke more of this strain you will get strong psychoactive effects.
  5. Grape Ape 

    This strain of cannabis is known for the ‘couch lock’ effect. If you dose yourself with too much of this weed you will find yourself glued to your couch.

  6. Afghani CBDAfghani CBD is known to be high in CBD. Many people use this train to treat chronic pain and it so happens to be great for sleep as well.
  7. A-10

    This strain is known to have a numbing effect. While people have troubling falling asleep because there is too much on their mind or their body is just restless in general. This numbing effect will help you fall asleep much easier without the buzz in your head.
  8. Hawaiian Purple KushHawaiian Purple Kush is rather a tastey strain of weed. This strain is 80% Indica dominant and great for migraines and sleep.

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  9. Hindu KushThe reason why Hindu Kush is known for putting people in deep sleep is this strain gives you a clear headed high that relieves anxious feelings so you can sleep better.
  10. KryptoniteThis hybrid strain is a mix between Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen two of the most high-level THC strains. The effects of this strain vary from person to person. Most people find this cannabis strain really helps them with sleep but others find that this strain can make them feel stimulated and awake.


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