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Have a stubborn symptom that just won’t seem to give? Or maybe you’ve just built up a tolerance and now you need to move onto a strain that will give you the same euphoric feelings you had in the past. Whatever the case, people are always asking about the strongest strains out there and there are plenty of factors that play into this.

THC may be the active component in marijuana, but did you know that terpenes play a significant role in potency as well? Terpenes refer to the aromatic compounds in cannabis like myrcene, linalool, and limonene. A strain rich in terpenes and THC will offer a more outstanding experience than another product lacking in chemical diversity.

In the list below you’ll see an average of THC potency in the top strains. Do keep in mind that this is just an average and you may come across products higher or lower than mentioned. This is just a guideline to give you an idea of what to look for.


Ghost Train Haze (20.8%)

In 2011 this strain dominated the Cannabis Cup leaderboard weighing in at 25.5% THC. Bred by Dankness Seeds using the genetics of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, this product takes the form of a euphoric jolt that feeds creativity and focuses the mind.

A similar strain to Ghost Train Haze is Gas Mask.


Kosher Kush (21.5%)

Its genetic strain is a mystery but the makers at DNA Genetics have refined this strain to consistently break the 20% THC potency year after year. First being introduced in 2010, and winning Cannabis Cup awards regularly since, this cannabis is wrapped in a thick layer of crystalline resin that clearly declares this is no beginners bud. Its main form elicits relaxation and sleepiness.


Death Star (21.6%)

With a THC potency usually lingering in the 20%-24% range its no wonder this product has such a commanding name. A genetic blend of Sensei Star and Sour Diesel, it is sure to wreak havoc in your Galactic Empire. Its main psychoactive forces set you in a chill out mood, imposing euphoric and sedative qualities.

A similar strain to Death Star is Cheese.


Chemdawg (23.0%)

Ambiguous genetics, mysterious origins, and a pungent diesel-like aroma haven’t stopped this strain from reaching the cannabis hall of fame. This classic strain keeps a vice over its fanbase, producing feelings of euphoria and creativity, alongside being an incredible reliever of stress.


White Fire OG (23.2%)

Launching its users into wide awake happiness and shaking up the creative juices, this cannabis strain is sure to uplift you straight to the clouds. A combination strain of The White and Fire OG regularly hits THC levels of 22%-29% and has no drowsiness effects, making it perfect for social outings.

A similar strain to White Fire OG is Sweet Kush.



Bruce Banner (23.4%)

Named after the Hulk’s alter ego, this strain is sure to slam you down into a deep relaxation and offer a punch of euphoria for a TKO of peak weed performance. Winner of the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup this strain is a blend of Kush OG and Strawberry Diesel.


Ghost OG (23.7%)

Cloaked in a white layer of crystallized resin, its namesake is no mystery. Prepare to be swept into a deep feeling of euphoria and happiness, making you feel lighter than air. It is thought to be a cut off from the original OG Kush and with a symphony of terpenes, its potency is tempered perfectly.


The White (24.3%)

The White is a breeder’s dream for improving the potency of their own strains. Routinely testing between 20% and 29% THC and with buds whited out with crystal resin, relaxation and euphoria are guaranteed to hit you like a blizzard.

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